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Australian Owned and Designed since 2000.

Big Boys Bodyboards

Big or taller guy looking for a bigger bodyboard? We have you covered.

All the boards listed have options in the 44" / 45" / 46". If you having difficulty choosing what is best for you then feel free to contact us. We'll point you in the right direction.

The Dual is our entry point for the taller and/or larger bodyboarder. The EPS core offers more buoyancy combined with 2 x stringers gives you a lightweight board with superior. An easy to manage bodyboard combined with the strength and durability found in much more expensive bodyboards is ideal for the rider looking for a board to last.  

Looking for the biggest and thickest of our boards then check out the TANK.
The Funkshen TANK is built like……..a Tank! Strong and durable, a solid board with plenty of vintage appeal with its thicker core and wider template, maximising buoyancy without compromising performance. Perfect for any big guy or vintage rider!

Looking for a big board but still crave high performance? The Funkshen ICON combines vintage features with a sleek modern template and materials, perfect for speed, projection and control. The perfect set up for all conditions, and hand finished with classic deck heat stamps.


The Tank


Icon PP